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VPNTraffic offers a family size package (1 account) that includes all features provided by the VPN service, such as: access to all service, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching. The monthly encryption costs $5 per month, whereas the quarterly subscription costs $10 only. The annual subscription (12 months/365 days) costs $35.

Payment Methods

VPNTraffic only accepts Paypal as a payment method which is quite lame in our opinion and equally unsatisfying. Other VPN services that we have reviewed support at least 4 payment methods.

Free Trial

A free trial is not entirely free if you are asked to pay money for it, no matter how small that amount it. VPNTraffic does not offer a “free trial”, however, they do offer a trial package for 3 days for $1.99 to evaluate their service.

Privacy Policy

Suspiciously, VPNTraffic does not have a privacy policy section. They claim that they do not keep any logs, however, their lack of transparency and vagueness is rather suspicious. Any VPN user must read the privacy policy section of the VPN service they wish to subscribe to before committing to a long-term subscription, especially when they are asked to pay for it. More importantly, users need to make sure that the VPN service they wish to subscribe to provides the level of privacy and anonymity they want. Without a clear privacy policy, any VPN user would be extremely hesitant and suspicious about VPNTraffic especially when there are hundreds of VPN service providers out there.

VPNTraffic Features

In this section, we will discuss the different features provided by VPNTraffic, such as: security levels, encryption protocols, platform compatibility, server network, bandwidth, support and any additional features that make VPNTraffic stand out in the market today.

Security & Encryption

Jaw-droppingly disappointing, that is all what we can say about VPNTraffic’s level of security and encryption. The company mainly supports PPTP tunneling protocol as a means of security to provide a private and secure internet environment. PPTP is a fossil tunneling protocol that is no longer adopted by most VPN services for its weakness when it comes to internet security and anonymity. VPNTraffic also supports L2TP which is much better than PPTP, but trackable as well. To our shock, we did not read the word “OpenVPN” or any other tunneling protocol anywhere on their colourless and mundane website.

Servers & Bandwidth

On a brighter note, VPNTraffic has a large network of servers spread across more than 60 different countries, including: USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, FRANCE, ITALY, INDIA, JAPAN, KUWAIT, ISRAEL, OMAN, EGYPT, KSA, IRELAND,POLAND, PARAGUAY, NEW ZEALAND, HONG KONG, MALAYSIA and so many more.

As for bandwidth, VPNTraffic offers unlimited bandwidth on all premium plans without any speed throttling.

Platform Compatibility

Another good thing about VPNTraffic is their cross-platform compatibility. VPNTraffic is compatible with several popular platforms, including: Windows, Symbian, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Windows mobile and supports a wide range of devices, like: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, routers, etc.


VPNTraffic advertises a 24/7 online support on their website. However, we find this statement rather misleading because the first thing a customer thinks about upon reading the phrase “online support” is live webchat, which is not the case with VPNTraffic. In addition to a few setup guides, the only form of “online support” is via an email ticketing system.