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Strikingly simple, VPNJack is a US-based VPN service that has been around for quite some time (since 2010 to be specific) and has been impressively making its way through the VPN market.

The following  review is based on using their free trial. Scroll down for more details.


The Website

Unlike most leading VPN services, VPNJack‘s website isn’t polished nor is it festive with flashing logos and pictures. It may not look attractive, but it’s strikingly simple and surprisingly informative. It contains sufficient information regarding the service; such as: price plans, daily blog, F.A.Q, support, privacy policy and step-by-step configuration instructions. This is a clear indication that these guys aren’t fooling around and are serious and resilient about their product.

Installation & Interface

Apparently subscribing to VPNJack is basic as we have expected. To our disappointment, the configuration wasn’t very user friendly. We were provided with a VPN username & a password (which we were instructed to “write down”), then we followed the setup instructions on the website. It was a bit of a hassle and definitely consumed a bag of time.

vpnjack free trial


VPNJack used to operate relying only on a PPTP encryption protocol. However, they have recently  introduced L2TP as well. Sadly they don’t support an OpenVPN protocol, but for privacy seekers, an L2TP is a great way to go.
As stated here on their website, users may find configuring  PPTP much easier than L2TP on their systems since the process is done manually.

” In short, if your main concern is security and privacy then L2TP is your choice. If all you care about is high speed connection and simplicity then PPTP is for you.”

Users have also the option to easily switch between the 2 protocols (PPTP & L2TP) without a hassle.


VPNJack doesn’t keep traffic logs. This means that users can be assured that company won’t trace the websites they visit or keep records of their personal data. On the other hand, VPNJack does keep very small records of a user’s session (duration and bandwidth), just enough for maintenance. Clearly they do take internet privacy and anonymity very seriously and that’s quite a relief for VPN users.


Nothing impressive. VPNJack is quite lacking in this area. As we have mentioned above, the service is absolutely basic and simple. They don’t support OpenVPN, in addition, they don’t offer features like: a kill switch or P2P sharing.


The company follows a “fair use” policy. This means that the connection provided isn’t completely unlimited or free from restrictions. The company has the right to limit the internet connection speed to users who stream media over a long period of time as mentioned on their terms and conditions section.


VPNJack is compatible with multiple platforms, including: Windows (Vista and higher), OS, iOs, Android. Linux users wouldn’t be happy as the service doesn’t support that platform, nor does it support gaming consoles.


The company has only one server and it is located in the US. It is definitely a hassle that we have personally experienced. The connection wasn’t that steady and only residents of the US or of countries close by would have the best results. We hope that in the future, VPNJack would work on expanding their network of servers.

Free Trial

Users are welcome to try the service before purchase for only 24 hours. However, when we actually tried it, we were connected for only 60 minutes. This wasn’t enough to explore the overall performance especially when VPNJack doesn’t offer attractive features and gave us a bumpy ride during the configuration process.

Price Plans

VPNJack comes with 6 attractive packages. They also boast about their policy of” No hidden charges, no recurring payments, no need to register.”

  • 24 hours for $0.99
  • 7 days for $1.99
  • 30 days for $5.40
  • 90 days for $11.99
  • 180 days for $19.99
  • 365 days for 29.99

vpnjack prices

Customer Support

VPNJack only provides users with an F.A.Q section. They don’t have a 24/7 live chat service like most VPN services. Even though it might cover all questions, but the F.A.Q section and daily blog gives all the information needed to use their service.


VPNJack is a decent VPN service that provides any user with privacy over the internet. Though it lacks many features that are in demand in the markets today, VPNJack is considered to be one of the cheapest VPN services around. We hope that they would include more features and servers in the future.


  • Cheap
  • Keeps no logs
  • Privacy


  • Only 2 encryption protocols (PPTP/L2TP)
  • No Kill Switch
  • Only 1 server
  • Limited Connection
  • 24-hr Free Trial with an actual interval of 60 minutes
  • Low Speeds