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If VPN not changing IP you have a severe privacy leak.

Having a basic grasp about the issue helps resolving it. Your computer keeps a ‘routing table’ that tells the routes to specific network point. Most devices merely transmit all outbound traffic to the (ISP) so the routing table is highly modest.

At the time the VPN client software tries to connect to the VPN server and succeed, it requires to update the routing table to overrun the current entry which forwards all traffic to the ISP.

If the VPN client software is incapable of updating the routing table then if there is a vivid connection to the VPN server, traffic won’t be transmitted through it and your own IP will be displayed on geolocation websites. On Windows devices this is nearly always due to deficient permissions for updating the routing table. This is the reason why the VPN client asks for administrative permission when it is initiated.vpn not changing ip

The minute you launch the OpenVPN GUI it asks you with the message “Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?” Your answer should be YES to this question. If this message doesn’t appear then either you have disabled UAC or you aren’t operating with the IVPN version of the OpenVPN client.

Select Properties from the desktop OpenVPN icon by right clicking on it. Select the Compatibility tab and choose “Run this program as an administrator”.

Press on Start and type cmd.exe and select icon for the command prompt to affirm that the routing table has not been upgraded. You have put route print and then hit enter.

Under the address “IPv4 Route Table” both of top two entries should have a destination of ‘’ and one of them should have a netmask of ‘’.

The routing table has not been upgraded, if you have just one entry with a destination of ‘’.

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