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Of course there are many VPN hosting software programs that provide a very secure connection to any blocked services all over the world. VPN is one of the most important services used to bypass online services’ restrictions. VPN hosting software provides virtual private network which plays a very important role to satisfy VPN hosting software needs to open any blocked website in your country.

These programs differ from provider to another either according to the operating systems or according to the used protocols.

Which protocols does the VPN hosting software provide?

Some VPN hosting software providers use PPTP protocol which is not widely used like L2TP and OpenVPN VPN protocols.

How to configure L2TP VPN connection using VPN hosting software providers

L2TP VPN protocol is one of the most used protocols provided by many VPN hosting software services. This protocol supports the high-secured areas which impose a strong restriction to prevent access online services like Netflix, Hulu, and others. You can subscribe on one of the best VPN hosting software providers and configure the next steps for Android

From Menu press Settings.

Tap on Network Setting and choose VPN settings.

Click on Add VPN and select (Add L2TP/ Internet Protocol PSK VPN security)

From the L2TP available servers in your account on VPN hosting software choose one of them to type it on VPN Name.

Type it again in VPN Address also.

Type sharedsecret in (IPsec pre-shared key) field

Type in (DNS search domain) and save.

Note: Set any password for credential storage.

After these changes, VPN connection name will appear for you tap on it and insert your username and password of your subscription.

You can use VPN hosting software for your iPhone via OpenVPN protocol and this will be more helpful especially on the high-encrypted areas.You will not need to root your device in order to use OpenVPN protocol. You will only download the basic OpenVPN VPN hosting software from Apple store and change the servers list from L2TP VPN to OpenVPN servers in the program you have recently subscribed to.

Finally use the VPN hosting software which will allows you to have a compliant IPsec Virtual Private Network tunnel.