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What’s Torrent and are the benefits of using VPN for torrenting?

Torrent is the process of exchanging files between computers. The beginning of the program was in 2001. The torrent idea depends on the division file to small pieces to be easier to download, whether this file was a video, a program or a document. It is considered a type of connection (Peer to Peer) torrent system is one of the downloading systems but it is different from the direct download links. It is a system for the exchange of files between the download service subscribers and each other around the world.

using VPN for torrenting

There are some terms that you should know before using the torrent

Seed: is the person who has fully download file

Seeder: is a person who does not have a full download file

Super: the person who is uploading the file on the Internet, and allows other users to share it with each other

Swarm: the group of computers that are loading files at the same moment

Tracker: server, which do the distribution process of file

Health: service to make sure there are several seed and seeder, and the greater the number of seed and seeder in health, increases of speed of loading

Leeches: is the person who downloaded from the others and does not allow others to download from him

Torrent service shave significantly spread in all parts of the world, both in European countries or in Arabic, and that is because it is one of the easiest and quickest means of loading compared with downloading via direct links. But torrent was blocked in some countries, leading to discomfort to torrent users in these countries, and the only way to re-use torrent is to use VPN service.

Using VPN for Torrenting

Now all users of torrent use VPNs because it’s something essential and irreplaceable and here are some of the benefits of using VPN for torrenting:

VPN protects your computer from hackers and while maintaining your internet speed; you can download from Torrents with high speeds. Just make sure you choose an unlimited VPN service so there would be no limits over usage or download.

Without VPN everyone can easily figure out your id because of sites you always visit saves your IP address. With the use of virtual networks you can protect your identity and protect torrent swarm while using torrent service through the fake IP address that you get from VPN service

Most Internet users now use WiFi connectivity, which puts your data at risk and displays your computer to spy and hacking, also anyone can share the speed of your Internet without your knowledge, and this speed required especially to torrent users with VPN service.