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Smart phones have come to replace desktops and laptops. Everyone browse the Internet through their mobile phones and since Android system is the most popular OS for mobile phones, you’ll need to know how to use OpenVPN on Android to keep your online activity hidden and private. But first,

What is Android and why is it very popular?

Android system is one of the most famous systems that operate most of the mobile phones nowadays and here’s why:

Android is a free system derived from the Linux system.

Android system is developed under the supervision of a group of experts from one of Google companies

Google’s teamwork are updating Android system and its applications on an ongoing basis which makes it in first place among operating systems

Android system is one of the most secure systems now and you will find in android system many applications to protection from viruses. Also Android system is updated continuously to repair security faults.

Google Play is a store for the Android system applications. The number of existing applications has reached 675,000 and also the number of downloaded files has reached 25 billion downloads

Why you should use OpenVPN on Android?

So the Android system is the most prevalent among operating systems for mobile phones and tablet computers and hence it is very necessary to use VPN. VPN service provides internet with safety and privacy while browsing and transfers your data away from the hackers. The best know VPN client is OpenVPN.

OpenVPN creates an encrypted tunnel to surf the Internet freely and safely. OpenVPN protocol is very fast and protects your privacy and your IP and gives you another IP and it works on computers, mobile phones and tablets.

How to use OpenVPN on Android?

First, go to Google play store and download OpenVPN on Android application

Next download the latest OpenVPNconfig files

*Make sure to get this file before proceeding to the next step

Once you start the OpenVPN application, you’ll see a button in the top corner “Add Profile”

After moving to the download folder, select the folder that you have extracted the OpenVPNconfig files to these config files represent the servers which you wish to connect

The OpenVPN app should confirm the file, just click “Import” in the top right hand corner

Now just tap the “edit” icon of the server

On this screen you will need to enter your activation username and password that was sent to you in the email

Now press on the server name of the VPN Connection and press OK to this application

You’re now connected to OpenVPN on Android.