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Are you a web surfer living in Oman and cannot access a lot of websites, social networks or use VoIP applications, like Skype, Viber or What’sApp? Due to the stiff internet filtering regime practiced by government of the Sultanate of Oman, a lot of Omani internet users are blocked from accessing many web content, like fashion websites, Netflix and Hulu as well as some social networks and voice over internet services, especially Skype and Viber. However, internet users can now bypass their government’s aggressive content filtering and unblock websites in Oman seamlessly with Oman VPN, a top-class VPN service in Oman and the Middle East.

unblock websites in oman

Unblock Websites in Oman

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It is frustrating to be unable to connect with your friends and family  when you are blocked from popular social networks and VoIP apps, like Viber, through which you can talk to your loved ones for hours – free of charge. But, you can overcome Omantel’s filters to unblock websites in Oman and stay in touch with the modern world with Oman VPN in a breeze. Through a chain of sophisticated encryption methods, Oman VPN takes your current IP address, hide it and replace it with a shell IP address from a growing list of global network of servers that have unrestricted access to all blocked websites. In this way, you can easily unblock websites in Oman completely undetected by your ISP.

Boost Your Internet Connection

Strength signal en greati wifi speedInternet speed is crucial for a great internet experience with streaming media and file sharing. This is where Oman VPN proudly steps in. Oman VPN is praised for providing its users with an extremely fast internet connection that enables them to stream media and share content without buffering or internet hassle because their servers are placed at the crossroads of internet points worldwide. Therefore, you would be able to surf the web and unblock websites in Oman at a neck-break speed than any other VPN service provider.

Oman VPN Benefits Wasel Pro VPN

In today’s ferocious VPN market, Oman VPN stands alone peerless among its VPN competitors as it is packed with irresistible features and has proven to be a reliable VPN service provider in the Middle East.

• Oman VPN is based on an OpenVPN which can be tunneled through an SSH protocol if you choose to, which means that your internet connection will be highly encrypted and impossible to be detected by your ISP. Therefore, you can unblock websites in Oman in a blink.

• Unlike other VPN services, Oman VPN is distinguished by providing a single click OpenVPN over SSH tunnel configuration. In other words, you won’t have to go through a list of complicated instructions to configure an OpenVPN over SSH.

• Oman VPN is compatible with all devices, icluding: smartphones and tablets. It also runs on all operating systems, such as: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

• Unlike many VPN services, Oman VPN doesn’t keep traffic logs. So, your personal information and online activities won’t be tracked down by hackers, phishers or any other third party, like your government.

• Oman VPN apps come with a sleek, user-friendly interface (for novice VPN users) with more than 5 different languages, including: English and Arabic.

• A lot of excellent VPN services are quite expensive, however, Oman VPN is an all in one top-notch VPN service provider that is also relatively cheap compared to other leading VPNs in the market today. It comes in 3 unmatched subscription packages to meet everyone’s needs. More importantly, Oman VPN offers its users a thorough free trial period that has access to all of its features for the users to fully evaluate the service before purchasing.

• Oman VPN is ideal for business owners since it offers an extensively encrypted, multi-protocol system that is so steady enough to allow business users to depend on it in their work places. It also enables business users to carry out online transactions, unblock websites in Oman and business tasks online in complete privacy and maximum protection from hackers, phishers and data snoopers.


If your wallet is tight and you are looking for a VPN service in Oman that is loaded with staggering features needed by any VPN user like: ability to unblock websites in Oman, anonymous web surfing, unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted access to VoIPs (Skype, Viber, …), cheap plans, friendly customer service, and much more. Then Oman VPN is undeniably the best for you. Make sure to download their free trial and enjoy the best internet experience you can ever have with Oman VPN.