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As you probably know by now, internet access is bound by some aggressive restriction laws in many parts of the world, like: China, Iran, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many others. This harsh policy is imposed by governments mainly to tighten their grip around their people’s political and religious views. As a result, millions of websites, search engines and applications; such as: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, Viber and What’s App are blocked in those countries. Pakistan is considered to be one of the many countries that has some of the the toughest internet censorship laws in the world. The Pakistani government, through Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE), exercises excessive supervision over internet and mobile providers to be able monitor internet traffic all over the country.

Due to the severe anti-Islamic laws and astringent political regulations, many websites are blocked in Pakistan, especially social networks and Youtube as a means to filter and mould which web content should be passed on to Pakistani users. As a result, the majority of internet users in Pakistan have turned to using virtual private networks (VPNs) in order to go around the PTA’s geo-blocking laws.

How can VPN help you unblock websites in Pakistan?

VPN for Pakistan

A VPN, virtual private network, is a virtual creation of a highly secure, encrypted physical network of computers connected together in order to share information in a secret fashion. In a broader sense of the word, VPNs  act as a middle man between your computer and the destination server. Instead of directly sending out data to the specified destination, your data will be tunnelled through a highly encrypted network of servers first. Let’s look at it this way, your PTA constantly monitors your web activity through your IP address because an IP address indicates your physical location through which the PTA can track and monitor your online activity, hence, restrict your access to some web content. However, when you use a VPN for Pakistan, your real IP address is masked by another one that has access to blocked content, therefore, giving your the opportunity to secretly gain access to any restricted content over the internet without being detected by your ISP. Moreover, a VPN for Pakistan grants your protection from getting your personal information and sensitive data, such as: credit card information, stolen by phishers and hackers. VPN for Pakistan also gives you anonymity every time you go online so that you get the chance to surf the web with absolute freedom without a third party tracing your every move.

In this article we reveal some of the best VPN services that would work best with internet users in Pakistan.

VPN for Pakistan. Top 3 VPN Services

1. Wasel Pro VPN

download free vpn trials available online



• Free VPN trial

• Easy installation

• Several VPN protocols

• Multiple payment methods

• Ideal for Middle East and Gulf regions

• Full compatibility

• Extremely fast servers

• Friendly and well-trained live support

• No logging policy

• Discounts and special offers

Cons: none

WASEL Pro VPN, is a successful and a well-reputed VPN service provider that was established in 2012 and has been growing to branch out its services around the world with its main focus on the Middle East and Asia making it without any doubt a pioneer in the region and a highly recommended VPN for Pakistan.

Wasel Pro VPN supports OpenVPN and L2TP VPN protocols, and has many applications that are compatible with all operating systems and devices; such as: Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The service also provides a manual setup option for Linux users. In addition, their FAQ section is extremely detailed and covers all possible questions with step-by-step tutorials to guide the user through any manual configuration process.

WASEL Pro VPN  gives its users a 30-day free VPN trial and comes with coupons as well as discounts for its paid subscribers. Moreover, WASEL Pro VPN offers its users full internet protection and optimal anonymity that also comes with unlimited bandwidth through its highly encrypted and widely branched global network of servers. Thanks to their no logging policy, all of your online activities and personal information are utterly hidden from hackers and data snoopers.


download free vpn trials available online2 



• Free VPN trial

• Easy installation

• Money back guarantee

• Supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP

• No logging policy

• Discounts and special offers

• Boosts internet connection

• No logging policy

• Unblocks any web content

• Ultimate security and anonymity

• Compatible with all devices and platforms

• Ideal for Gulf and Asian countries

Cons:  none

Another very good VPN for Pakistan is a less known VPN service provider, iWASEL comes as a surprise to those who are looking for a VPN service that is affordable and offers premium service to its users at the same time. Not only is iWASEL dedicated to give its best to its paid subscribers, but it also gives an honest 30-day free VPN trial through which the user can fully test its quality before deciding to purchase any of its many and comfortable plans.

Furthermore, iWASEL directs its main focus towards the Arabic and Asian markets which makes it a great VPN for Pakistan. It also comes with exclusive benefits to its users as it supports many protocols that are blocked or banned any other countries. The service also offers comfortable purchase VPN plans and various payment methods; including: CashU, MasterCard, OneCard, Visa, Western Union.

 3. ExpressVPN



• Easy setup

• Clear instructions

• 30-day Money back guarantee

• Simple registration form

• Android and iOS applications

• OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols


• Pricy

• A little slow

• Different codes for each device

• Keeps some logs

While most VPN service providers fail to offer their subscribers diverse purchase plans, ExpressVPN impresses its members with wallet-friendly 3 packages to fully enjoy its renowned top-quality service. ExpressVPN is a very popular VPN service that is one of the best VPN for Pakistan. This super fast service has its network of servers spreading out to 97 cites in 78 countries. In other words, you can bypass any geo-restricted web content from 78 different locations. It offers 30 days money back guarantee as an alternative for a free trial period. Unfortunately, this service tends to keep some logs and requires different codes for every device.