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Are you planning on travelling to China, but at the same time concerned about keeping track of your Gmail on your PC, tablet or phone because of internet censorship? In this article we reveal how you can easily unblock Gmail in China using China VPN, step-by-step.unblock gmail in china with china vpn

The situation in China in a nutshell…


With the dawn of 2015, the Red Dragon has leveraged its censorship on the World Wide Web in a cyber battle to keep the Chinese away from certain web content that has been classified as a “threat” to national security by the government. The government set up the Great Firewall, a stiff filtering system that has managed to block over 2,000 websites in mainland China, including: Google and Google services, like: Gmail and Google Docs as well as Facebook, Youtube, Viber, ReutersYahoo Video, Yahoo Hong Kong, Twitter, IMDB, all blogs hosted on Blogspot and WordPress, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Hulu and dozens more.

Prior to the installation of the Great Firewall of China, Chinese web surfers used proxies and virtual private networks (VPN) freely for years in order to gain access to blocked websites and stay connected with the outside world. However, the Great Firewall can now target VPN services and block them as well by using an advanced filtering technology known as “Data Packet Inspection” (DPI). DPI enables an internet service provider (ISP) to identify websites passing through it even VPNs and deny them any access. Simply put, if you are using a VPN service to unblock Gmail in China, the Chinese internet service provider can recognize your attempt through DPI.

Nonetheless, internet users with the help of a few VPN providers have found away to bypass the Great Firewall and unblock Gmail in addition to almost all websites that are banned in China. One of the best VPN services to unblock Gmail is China VPN.

How to unblock Gmail using China VPN?


China VPN is considered to be among to the best ways to unblock Gmail when your are travelling to the draconian country because of its stable network of servers that runs across the US and Europe as well as unlimited access to all servers at any time and switching freely between servers. In addition, China VPN features simultaneous connections in which it can be used on two different devices at the same time with the one VPN account. More importantly, China VPN uses advanced VPN protocols depending  mostly on two highly encrypted developed VPN protocols: L2TP and OpenVPN. Unlike many cheap VPN services out there that use PPTP protocol only which is not secure enough, unstable and is detected by China’s Great Firewall, China VPN uses double encryption protocols that enable you to bypass the Great Firewall of China and unblock Gmail without being detected. By using OpenVPN over SSH tunnelling, China VPN adds an additional layer of protection to your VPN connection in order to securely slip through top-level internet filtering systems, like: Data Packet Inspection. Not only that, but China VPN boasts about using a user-friendly OpenVPN over SSH tunnel software that allows the user to use this feature with a single click without going through the regular string of complex instructions offered by other services.

Simple Steps to Unblock Gmail in China


If you are having trouble viewing China VPN’s list of servers you need to select a server from in order to unblock Gmail, then please follow the following instructions:

1) Open “Notepad” and copy and paste the following code:


2) Save the document under the name “wms.xml”.
3) Open the application, click on “Settings” icon and choose “Advanced”.
4) Check “Enable XML feed”.
5) Click “Browse” and search for the file you’ve just created.
6) Now, close the VPN application and make sure you’ve closed it from the task bar as well.
7) Re-open the VPN application, you are now able to see the list of servers.
8) Choose your preferred server and click “Connect”.


Countries like: China and Iran are resilient to control internet access without giving obvious explanation and VPNs are now being deemed as illegal as hacking. Therefore, regardless to what VPN service you are using now or attempting to use, if you’re using a Chinese DNS or planning to visit China and yet want to remain in contact with your Facebook friends and have access to your Gmail at all times, you need to be prepared for some rough internet times and arm your computer with anti-DPI software. Also, if you are going to tunnel OpenVPN in China over SSL or SSH, you need to make sure that you coordinate this process with your VPN provider, first.

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