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Truecaller gives you an amazing experience that goes so far beyond the limitations of any of your phone apps so that you always have the ability to access information you need about, people and businesses you ask for.

It makes you look for contact information upon request (based on a name or just a number), detect incoming callers IDs, and block phone numbers you don’t want to receive any calls from – so you never have to worry again about numbers that annoys you.

But, unfortunately the Truecaller service is restricted is some countries, you just can’t download the app from the store and can’t view the from your PC.

Gladly we are here to help you out!


Using iWASEL VPN to solve the blocking problem

iWASEL VPN enables you to have a full internet access with great speed in countries that block your IP address and restrict some services from you. You will have a powerful protection when you use public WiFi hotspots! You will be able to Unblock Truecaller, Skype, Facebook and YouTube and have the access to ANY of your favorite websites when you out to countries that block these services or if you a resident in one of those countries.

Truecaller everywhere? Check!

Skype and Hulu in Dubai? Done!

Twitter in China? You are in!

Netflix in Egypt? Hell yeah!

The great thing of iWASEL VPN account is it’s very simple to use and easy to configure from PC, android, iphone and ipad in any country you wish

Why you should use iWASEL VPN specifically?

- iWASEL VPN gives you a full layer of security, privacy and anonymity by concealing your IP address.

- iWASEL VPN gives you a new IP address, based in the U.S., U.K or any place of your choice.

- iWASEL VPN gives you the access to blocked and restricted sites like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and BBC from anywhere!

- iWASEL VPN unblocks apps that are geo-restricted in some countries like Truecaller, facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

- Make a Secured connection between your device and their network.

- Guaranteed access to all sites privately from anywhere on your phone or tablet or PC.

How to configure IWASEL VPN in your Android to unblock Trucaller?

- First thing, you will need to be a paid user so as to be able to utilize iWASEL OpenVPN app for Android. If you want to test the iWASEL service first you can try this out using Windows or Mac versions without a username.

- Search iWASEL OpenVPN from Google play.

- Then simply follow these steps

1- Click the Sign in (key shaped).

2- Write down your iWASEL (e-mail and password) and login. Your expiration date must appear.

3- Click on the iWASEL logo (on the left) to go back to the home window.

4- Tap “Connect”

And here you go you’re connected.

But please take this in consideration note that you cannot use two iWASEL devices at the same time. If you need to use iWASEL on your phone and also use it on your PC, you have to either use L2TP setups or to just create another account.

Now you can enjoy having Truecaller working on your devices and many other great features too, including unblocking all the restricted websites.

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  • Mazen Boureslan says:

    I got an email saying somebody searched for me on truecaller. Then it says know who.
    I pressed on the box, but was taking too much time to open. I thought it might be spam, as it was in my junk.
    Kindly, feedback
    Mazen Boureslan

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