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SlickVPN is a US-based VPN service provider that has a solid spot in the market. The company also operates outside USA and has operations in Nevis. In this review, we will help you know more about SlickVPN to decide whether this VPN is worth investing your money in it or not.


Like a lot of VPN services, SlickVPN keeps it simple when it comes to pricing. The company offers internet users an all-inclusive package to which they can subscribe to monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. The monthly subscription costs $10 per month, quarterly subscription costs $6.67 per month, semi-annual subscription costs $5 per month and the annual subscription costs $4 per month. The prices are not bad for what is offered compared to other VPN service providers.

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Payment Methods & Refund

If you are interested in the service and decided to subscribe to any of the plans offered, you have more than one option to complete your purchase. You can pay via PayPal or regular credit cards, like: Visa, Mastercard or American Express. In addition, if you value your privacy and anonymity, you can choose Bitcoin to pay for your membership. We are very happy to see that they use anonymous payment methods, such as: Bitcoin which is definitely more recommended than any other payment option.

As for refund, users can enjoy a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee no questions asked if they are not happy with the service.

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Privacy Policy

Upon navigating to the privacy policy section on the website, you will find this clear statement:

SlickVPN does not ask for any personally identifiable information to browse our site or use our free features. To subscribe to our services, an account must be registered. We do not use this information to track any of your web activities while logged into our SlickVPN services. We only collect the necessary and limited information for our customer information file in order to provide and maintain billing for our services.”

SlickVPN does not keep activity logs, which means that whatever you do online is your business only. You will not be tracked or monitored by the VPN provider or any other third-party. On the other hand, some information is kept for maintenance and billing purposes, such as: email, username, password, payment details, and some cookies.

The Client

We decided to take SlickVPN for a spin and were given access to the service to test their software client on our Windows system and evaluate the overall performance of the service.

To begin with, the registration process was very easy, all we needed to is to provide a valid email address, and then we proceeded with the download and installation process which was equally easy. It took less than 5 minutes for everything to be setup on our Windows system which is pretty impressive.

The interface is quite attractive and easy on the eyes. It is also very user-friendly in terms of clarity and navigation. You follow up with the performance of your VPN connection through the log panel. You can also perform a VPN speed test which comes in handy to monitor the general speed of your connection from time to time. The application comes with a built-in leak protection to ensure that your data traffic is encrypted at all times.

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SlickVPN Features

In this section, we will explore the different features provided by SlickVPN, including: encryption levels, protocols supported, platform compatibility, server network, bandwidth, speed, etc. Scroll down for more details.

Security & Encryption

SlickVPN relies on different encryption levels to support more than one tunneling protocol. They use MPEE 128 BIT encryption for PPTP, 128Bit encryption for IPsec and 256Bit encryption to support OpenVPN. With the exception to OpenVPN, we find the protocols supported by the company far from being impressive. For example, PPTP is no longer recommended as it has been compromised by many intelligence agencies and cyber criminals. We would only suggest using OpenVPN as it is the most secure encryption protocol in the market today.

To further strengthen their security, SlickVPN has a special encryption feature called HYDRA protection”. Hydra is a multi-hop gateway which scrambles your location online by routing your traffic through different portals making your connection very hard to track.

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Servers & Bandwidth

SlickVPN boasts a plethora of servers in over 125 locations in more than 45 countries around the globe, including: US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, NORWAY, NETHERLANDS, CHILE, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY, ITALY, SERBIA, PORTUGAL, and so many more. This extensive network enables users to bypass geo-restrictions and get access to as many regionally restricted web content as possible, like: Netflix, Pandora, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu, DAZN, Sky Network, BBC iPlayer, etc.

As for bandwidth, users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth at high speeds without throttling.

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SlickVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android. It can be used of desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Simultaneous Connections

Users can connect to a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections with a maximum of 2 different IP addresses.

P2P & Torrent Sharing

Fortunately, the company offers unlimited P2P sharing.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, live chat support is not available. However, we communicated with the support team via email and they were not only very responsive, but also very friendly and helpful. The website is also very well organised and contains all the information needed related to the service.


SlickVPN lives up to its reputation. It is a very good VPN service that would suit casual VPN users and travellers. We wouldn’t recommend it for very advanced and sophisticated users who are looking for superior security features, such as: kill switch or DNS leak protection. It would definitely be very good for users who are mainly concerned about online streaming and getting access to different regionally restricted streaming services.