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Why would you want to shop online anonymously?

Online shopping has become mainstream over the past 5 years. Consumers all over the globe have started to trust online retailers and internet payment services (e.g: Paypal or OneCard) more than ever. However, the number of cyber threats targeting online shoppers has been equally on the rise. As a result, many users have turned to stealth methods of shopping over the internet in order to secure their sensitive information and bank accounts. To shop online anonymously means that you’re taking a step forward towards obtaining optimal protection against hackers and identity thieves, especially if you’re a shopaholic (hey, we don’t judge).


Making anonymous buys online gives you the opportunity to hide and secure your personal data, such as you identity, passwords and credit card information. Moreover, when you shop online anonymously, you will give very little information about you, or none at all. Hence, you won’t be traced or tracked down by third parties or cyber criminals.

When you visit any website to do some shopping, you are asked to give out personal information, such as: name, birth date, place of birth, email, password, address and credit card number. Such important and highly sensitive data can jeopardise your safety on the internet, especially in today’s age of NSA and internet fraud. You don’t know where your information goes, or what is being done with it. What if you accidentally visit an untrusted website and your data gets stolen? For these reasons, it’s important nowadays to shield your personal information over the internet, even when you’re just shopping.

How to shop online anonymously?

If you’re searching for a way to secure your credit card information when you make a purchase online and help you to shop online anonymously without being tracked by the government or hit by hackers or scammers, the best way is via disposable credit cards. These cards can be almost used everywhere in the world and neither your name or any other personal information can be associated with them. Here are some of the most popular and reliable disposable credit cards.

1. Vanilla Visa Credit Card


One of the most common ways to shop online anonymously is  by using a Vanilla Visa credit card. Vanilla Visa is prepaid card that is excellent for anonymous purchasing. These cards are one time cards and aren’t associated to you in any way possible. “You can get cards that range from $25 to $500. If you buy a $500 card, you pay $505 at the store, so you are basically paying a 1% fee for your anonymous credit.” You need to register for a card through the Vanilla Visa official website, otherwise your card will be rejected by retailers. “The registration process simply involves entering a zipcode, and nothing else. Of course, if you wish to remain  anonymous you can provide a fake zipcode. You should also obfuscate your IP address while activating the card.”

More on how to keep your personal information anonymous, here.

2. Simon American Express Gift Card


According to their website,

” The Simon Giftcard is a prepaid or “stored value” card that can be used to purchase merchandise and services from merchants anywhere in the U.S. that accept the card, like the many retail stores and restaurants in Simon malls. The Simon Giftcard not only makes a more attractive gift than cash, but a more secure one as well, because the value can be replaced if lost or stolen ( conditions apply). The American Express Simon Giftcard is accepted anywhere in the U.S. American Express® cards are accepted, except cruise lines and casinos. The Simon Visa Giftcard is accepted anywhere in the U.S. that accepts Visa debit cards.”

This type of disposable card is very handy especially when you’re dealing with an untrusted or a suspicious company since it will not hooked to you or your bank account in any way.

3. Amazon Gift Cards


Another way to shop online anonymously is via Amazon Gift Cards. “Gift cards can be anonymous if purchased with cash. Many website accept Amazon Gift Cards as a form of payment, so an Amazon gift card can be a anonymous checkout gateway.” These cards are very flexible, “when you apply an Amazon gift card to your account, the balance never expires. Additionally, Amazon will automatically deduct your gift card balance from an order and simply request payment for the rest.”

4. Shop Online Anonymously with VPN

vpnlogomashup (1)

A more sophisticated way to shop online anonymously is by using a virtual private network. It is the smartest and the safest way to carry out online purchases without having to worry about getting your personal information stolen or spied on. VPN is a virtual creation of a highly secure, encrypted physical network of computers connected together for sharing and giving out personal information in a secret fashion. VPN grants you protection from getting your personal information and sensitive data, such as: credit card information, stolen by phishers and hackers. VPN also gives you anonymity every time you go online so that you get the chance to surf the web with absolute freedom without a third party tracing your every move. Check out the best VPN services for 2015, here.

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