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Samsung Galaxy S6 is probably the most beautiful and sexiest looking phone to date. Samsung has ditched the plain plastic built of its phone and replaced it with sleek, airy, full metal design that is also water resistant with a 16 megapixel rear camera, an octa-core Exynos processor that’s super fast, a more responsive finger print scanner making it a very tough phone to beat. Without doubt this sirenic innovation is the best and the most attractive in 2015.

Not only does Samsung bring us a refreshing look, but the S6 Edge is also packed with the massive cutting-edge features of Android Lollipop 5.0. One of the hidden gems in the edgy Lollipop beauty is a file sharing feature called “Android Beam“.

What is Android Beam and How to Use It?


You probably know that Android NFC (Near Field Communication) is a wireless method for transferring files between 2 Android devices by holding the devices close to each other without the need for an internet connection. It’s easy and uses minimal power. Subsequently, Android Beam is an application that is developed to make the best out of NFC in order to enable sharing all kinds of files, including: photos, web pages, youtube links, etc.

In order to use Android Beam to share certain files with another person, you must first make sure that both phones support NFC. Once confirmed, bring the two devices together with the NFC chips close in contact and then, tap on the “Touch to Beam” pop up message.

How to Enable Android Beam on Samsung S6 Edge

1) From Homepage, tap on Apps

2) Tap on Settings followed by a tap on NFC and payment, then choose NFC.

3) Turn NFC on.

4) Return to the NFC and payment menu by pressing on the back key.

5) Tap on Android Beam and turn it on.

What Are the Disadvantages of Android Beam?

The main problem of using Android Beam is the location of the NFC chip. Now that all phones support NFC, it’s availability is no longer an issue. Locating the NFC chip on a phone is far more easier than finding it on a tablet for instance. Although, NFC chips are usually located in the centre near the top, but you can always google to make sure of its location.

Another downside for Android Beam is that it only works with Android devices which support NFC. This means that you can’t use Android Beam to share a youtube link with a person owning an iPhone, as iPhones don’t even support NFC. Nevertheless, it still remains a cool feature that saves time.