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What is Shadowsocks?

Shadowsocks is an open source socks 5 intermediary which, as indicated by their official website, is intended to ensure your web movement. Shadowsocks – is broadly utilized in China to evade Internet oversight. It was introduced in 2012 by a Chinese software engineer named “Clow-Windy”, and various executions of the convention have been made accessible since.



How does it work?

Shadowsocks scrambles the movement among you and the servers, so the ISP cannot keep an eye on you. Once the ISP doesn’t realize what’s going on with you, they won’t hinder the activity, so you can easily sidestep the limitations kept by the ISP.


Then how is it different from VPN?


In fact, Shadowsocks has nothing to do with VPN. It’s not a VPN, it’s an intermediary. VPN is a virtual system interface which you can send everything through it. Intermediary ( Shadowsocks)  is a server used to forward information to another.


A virtual private system (VPN) is a system that is built utilizing open wires — typically the Internet — to interface with a private system, for example, an organization’s inside system. There are various frameworks that empower you to make systems utilizing the Internet as the medium for transporting information.

In short, The principle distinction contrast between VPN and Shadowsocks is that Shadowsocks is not “mainstream”.

VPN is worldwide, once you associate with VPN servers, all your activity will connect to the servers but the fundamental advantages of Shadowsocks is you can pick which movement will experience the server and which won’t.

Take a look at this scenario:

You are in China and you need to watch and in addition to that you need to utilize twitter. Here starts the issue… if you use utilize VPN, you need to interface with a server that is not in China to access twitter, and once this is done you cannot watch anything as it is a Chinese only access.  But if you simply utilize Shadowsocks, the issue settled, on the grounds that the activity will utilize the normal connections which is doesn’t use intermediate servers and the twitter will experience the tunneled servers.

It’s a contrasting option to VPN which does not look for security, it only looks to sidestepping all the GFW restrictions.

Is it only China Targeted?


No, Shadowsocks can be accessed from anywhere worldwide with applications for most of the devices available nowadays. Shadowsocks is winding up plainly more prevalent in China nowadays, however the majority of the Chinese form the intermediary server themselves, there are a couple China based groups give Shadowsocks.

Anyways never worry all you have to do is download an application and leave everything on Shadowsocks. Shadowsocks can deal with those circumstances exceptionally well. So the majority of time, you don’t need to see the distinctive between them.

So to sum up:

  1. VPN can be obstructed by Chinese gov. Shadowsocks traffics are most certainly not.
  2. Both are scrambled movement however VPN encodes everything while Shadowsocks has some decoded bundles, so they look changed to the ISP. Shadowsocks camouflages the activity so it looks more like a HTTPS movement.
  3. For a Chinese client, commonly it resembles the customer running on the nearby PC commandeer all the activity, scramble it – in the meantime mask it – and send it to your remote server, which is not in China. At that point the server decodes the information, visit the site for you, bring the information, scramble it again and send it back. In this way it sidesteps the control.

Since it’s just to bypass oversight, protection is not a noteworthy worry for some clients. A large number of them utilize awful figures on the grounds that they need it run easily on a modest switch, or the merchant need to advance for throughput. There are additionally endeavors to jumble the movement, the purpose of it is, we don’t need the administration know we are utilizing this. All the security devices individuals use in different parts of the world can be pretty much identified: on the off chance that you utilize VPN then your ISP thinks about it, comparably for TOR. The purpose of Shadowsocks is to shroud the reality you are utilizing it.

This doesn’t mean restriction is rendered pointless. Considerable measure individuals just got accustomed to it. Ideally the ability of Shadowsocks develops but just keep in mind that the GFW is developing!!!!

2 thoughts on “Shadowsocks Vs VPN”

  • Ched says:

    Thank you for this great article!

    I’m using Shadowsocks with for 4 months now and it is working really great for me in China. Now with the ban of VPN in China, it seems that Shadowsocks is going to become more and more popular here.
    I was using VPN before but I think that the government was detecting my VPN connections, i tried using 3 different VPN services but in all of them I was getting randomly disconnected, but now with Shadowsocks my connection is very stable and I have full access to all websites.

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    • ferdinand says:

      Does your shadowsocks gave you access on yahoomail? using shadowsocks in my phone and accessing yahoomail is fine but on my desktop I can’t access yahoo mail.

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