How to Setup PPTP VPN on ASUSWRT MERLIN Router

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In this tutorial, we will show you how to setup PPTP VPN on any ASUSWRT MERLIN router via simple and very easy steps. As a result, your network will be both secure and private. In addition, you will have the ability to bypass any geo-restrictions and get access to geo-blocked content on the internet.

Set Things Up

Before configuring PPTP VPN on your ASUSWRT MERLIN router, first you will need to set things up:

1- You need an internet connection that works properly.

2- Make sure that your ASUSWRT MERLIN router supports PPTP VPN protocol.

3- Make sure that your VPN service subscription is active (e.g: bVPN).

Access Your ASUSWRT MERLIN Router

Next, you need to access your ASUSWRT MERLIN router’s homepage to be able to start your configuration process by following these steps:

1- Connect to the internet, and then launch your web browser.

2- Enter your router’s IP address in order to access the admin’s web page.

3- Now, type in your router’s username and password.


Now that you have accessed your ASUSWRT MERLIN router’s admin page, let’s start our PPTP VPN configuration process. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

1- From the menu displayed on the left, head over to the “WAN” tab, and then click on “Internet Connection”.

2- Next, you will need to specify the type of your internet connection. In the WAN Connection type field: expand the dropdown menu and select “Automatic IP“.

3- Make sure to “ENABLEWAN, NATand UPnP options.

4- In the UPNP: Allowed internal port range field, type: 1024 to 65535.

5- Set Connect to DNS Server automatically to “No”.

6- In the DNS Server1 field, insert 67.222.222.

7- In the DNS Server2 field, insert: 8.8.8.

8- In the MTU field: 1500.

9- Select “None” in the Authentication field.

10- Choose “Aggressive Mode” in the DHCP query frequency field.

Now that you have filled in those fields, click on Apply to save your settings.

11- Go to “VPN”, and then click on “PPTP/L2TP Client”.

12- To create a new VPN connection,  click on “Add Profile”.

13- Click on “PPTP” to set it as your preference.

14- In the Description field, enter a name for your PPTP VPN connection (e.g: bVPN PPTP).

15- In the VPN Server field, enter the IP address of the VPN server you want to connect to.

16- In the Username field, insert your VPN username.

17- In the Password field, insert your VPN password.

18- Set the Auto-reconnection option to “Yes”.

19- Click on “OK” to save your settings.

Voila! You have successfully setup PPTP VPN on ASUSWRT MERLIN router. Good job! In order to connect to your newly created VPN profile, click on Activate.