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Based in Israel, SaferVPN was founded in 2013 to provide internet users with “the fastest and simplest VPN” as advertised on their website at affordable prices. In this review, we will dissect every element of SaferVPN and see if it lives up to its promise.


SaferVPN offers a premium service that provides customers with a free Chrome extension, WiFi security, unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, full access to all servers, 24/7 live chat and e-mail ticketing support. Users can choose between monthly, yearly or 2-year subscription plans. The monthly plan costs $8.99 per month, whereas the annual subscription costs $71.90 at $5.99 per month. As for the 2-year subscription, it costs $83.77 at $3.49 per month.


Payment Methods

One of the very good options by SaferVPN is that it accepts both regular and anonymous payments. Subscribers can pay through a variety of payment methods, such as: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Alipay, Bitcoin, WebMoney, YandexMonay and Mint. Users can also get SaferVPN through Apple store. Meanwhile, we always recommend using anonymous payment methods, like Bitcoin for more security and anonymity.


Free Trial and Refund Policy

A 24-hour free full access trial is offered for netizens to test the service before deciding on making a purchase. In addition, if you use their referral program, you and the person you referred SaferVPN to can get 1 month for free.

As for their refund policy, SaferVPN offers 14-day money-back guarantee in case you found their services unsatisfactory.


SaferVPN clearly states on their website:

“We value and respect your privacy — in and out of the web. We never log or monitor your VPN network traffic. What you do online is your business and we aim to keep it that way!”

The company follows a no logging policy. This means that your browsing activities will not be stored or monitored. However, some information is kept in the records, such as: time stamps, VPN session duration, amount of data transferred during the VPN session, your real IP address and the IP of the VPN server you are connected to.

“We DO NOT store details of, or monitor, the website you connect to or any of the data sent over our network when using our VPN service. We collect this data for the operation of our business.”

The Software Client

We have signed up for the free trial and downloaded SaferVPN software client for Windows for testing. The signing-up process was very easy, what you need to do is to provide a valid e-mail address and password. You will then receive an email to activate your free trial account.

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Once you have activated your account, you can go ahead and install the proper client for your device. The installation process was effortless. We did not experience any hassle or interruptions. The application is very light and does not take up much space. The client interface is very slick, elegant and intuitive. It will automatically choose the fastest server for you. We were automatically connected to Israel server. As for the overall performance, we tried media streaming for a few hours and it was a seamless, buffer-free experience.


SaferVPN Features

In this section, we will explore the different features offered, including: encryption protocols, servers, bandwidth, compatibility and customer support.


SaferVPN uses strong 256-bit encryption to support several tunneling protocols, such as: OpenVPN, IKev2, L2TP/IPsec and PPTP. We recommend using OpenVPN is the best and strongest open source tunneling protocol and is compatible with all platforms. Moreover, users can easily switch between encryption protocols in a snap. The application is also packed with additional security tools, such as:

*Kill switch: to terminate any running programs when the VPN connection drops. In this way, your data traffic with be always encrypted and secure.

* Automatic Diagnose Fix: an impressive built-in troubleshooting tool that automatically resolves glitches and fixes any bugs in the application.

* Automatic WiFi Security: another great feature to protect users while they are connected to public WiFi/Hotspot networks, such as those found in cafes, airports, hotels, libraries, etc.

Servers and Bandwidth

SaferVPN has more than 400 servers spread across 30 strategic locations, including: USA, UK, SPAIN, AUSTRIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, RUSSIA, SINGAPORE, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, INDIA, ISRAEL, SWITZERLAND, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA, and so many more. Users can also switch between servers without any restrictions.

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As for bandwidth, users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth without throttling or download limits.


SaferVPN is a cross-platform platform that supports multiple platforms and routers, such as: Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT. It can be used on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Customer Support

24/7 live chat support is available to answer all your questions. The web chat support team is very polite, professional and friendly. Moreover, you can reach the support team also through an e-mail ticketing system. There is also a thorough F.A.Q section for self-assistance.


SaferVPN is definitely worth trying. It offers all that is needed by any VPN user to surf the internet in complete privacy and anonymity. We admire their level of security, sleek website and attractive software client. However, it should be noted that SaferVPN does not permit P2P or torrenting. In addition, it does not offer simultaneous connections or ad-blocker.