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Internet virtual world contains much information for all ages and countries. Young, old and even children benefit a lot from using the internet. It can be a good resource of education, research, communication and entertainment. It is used at homes, schools, universities, hospitals and others. You can get connected to the internet via computers, laptops, mobile phones and other devices.

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Many Years ago, Internet was unheard by people, communicating with each other over countries and distances was impossible, but then telephone was invented and it started to get easier day by day. Making it easier to communicate with people all around the world, inventors came up the mobile phone, computers, laptops etc. these devices were rare before but now it is very common. Many children around us owns at least an I-pad or a mobile Smartphone as it has been very essential that each person has one or more of these devices. Children can communicate with either friends or strangers with a long distance. Additionally, they may also use it for gaming, web-surfing, chatting, downloading, sharing files, etc.

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Use of internet by children is becoming a big concern as most of people do not realize the dangers their children are surrounded by. When they are online it can be easy for them to get involved into something  as in the real world, there are risks and challenges for parents, educators and counselors to help protecting children by the use of appropriate educational and technical means of control and awareness. To keep children safe, parents and guardians must be aware of the dangers and guide their children online.

Parental control

Is it possible for my child to be safe online?

Fortunately, there are number of programs and tools available today that help parents and guardians to keep internet environment safer to protect children and there are many websites that has contents meant for children. Even if parents don’t have much technical background in order to protect their children they can encourage their children to be caution while surfing the internet.

Many websites that are targeted for children require entering personal information to be able to access their contents. It is essential that children know when and where to disclose their personal information. Simply ask your child to refrain from revealing his name, phone number, address, home, school or even images without asking and getting your permission. Also encourage your child to use chat rooms under your control.  They must start making new friends just as sending letters to your pen friends before we all were introduced to internet and chatting. Children must also be aware that the strangers on internet are just as strangers at the door. They should ask your permission first before being involved in chats.

How can I control my kids at the same time give them space alone?

Parental control or parental lock cares about preventing children from the harmful use of computers and saving them from the consequences of staying for long periods of time in computer use. Children should use internet facility under the proper guidance of their parents.

Let’s take a look at the parental control provided by Microsoft windows:

You can set up Parental Controls for your child with your own administrator user account. First, make sure you set up a standard account for your kid.

Switching the Parental Controls on:

1.      Head over to Parental Controls by navigating to the Start menu, and then Control Panel then click set up parental control under User Accounts and Family Safety.‌ ‌

2.      Click on your kid’s account which you wish to set Parental Controls for.

3.      Under Parental Controls choose enforce current settings.

4.      Once you are done, you can preset the other settings:

·         You can set times during which your kid can log in or of the computer through “time limits option”

·         Choose the best game age-level for your kid and feel safe that he/she aren’t playing any unacceptable games

·         if you don’t want your children to run certain programs, you can do that through  “Allow or block specific programs”

“Daddy I love being with you online”

Devote some time with your child to discover things they might like, surf online toghter and take a look at what do they prefer stay with them for sometime… Take a look at their interests they and what do they like to always surf about or use online. Internet is a good teacher but we must monitor our children so they make a good use of it.