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Entering your username and watchword again and again can get dreary and it is a prerequisite that the greater part of us would happily evacuate if possible.The incredible news is, it is conceivable to spare both your username and secret word in your OpenVPN arrangement and by taking after my basic strides you will never need to enter them again.

Naturally, OpenVPN does not spare the username and secret key which obliges you to info them in every time you interface with the server. This is great from a security point of view, yet there are in some cases where it is required to have this data spared to allow programmed logins to OpenVPN.

In the event that you have to spare the username and secret word to a VPN association, take after the progressions beneath.

1-Navigate to your config organizer for OpenVPN. Some normal ways for this envelope are:

Windows – C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config

Macintosh (Tunnelblick) – ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations

2-Create another content record in this envelope. We’ll name our own “auth.txt”. The substance of this content record ought to just be two lines. The principal line ought to be your username, and the second ought to be your secret word. Spare this record. p.s If you get Permission Denied Error, Create the record in your desktop and after that duplicate and glue in that index.

3-Now open your OpenVPN config file which is in the same envelope, in a content manager . These records commonly end in an .ovpn augmentation. Discover the line that says “auth-client pass” and change it to “auth-client pass auth.txt”, where “auth.txt” is the name of the document containing your username and secret key. Spare this document. p.s If you get Permission Denied Error, Copy the record and glue it to your desktop, Modify it , spare it, duplicate it and glue it to that registry

4-Try to interface with OpenVPN. You may need to restart the OpenVPN customer and you ought to now associate without a username and secret word brief!