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The Islamic sacred month of Ramadan began last Wednesday, making today the first entire day of fasting for more than a billion individuals around the globe. For generally the following 30 days, Muslims will refuse nourishment and beverage amid sunlight hours. Keeping in mind the end goal to keep you educated of the precise times for dawn and dusk.

Google has dispatched a site that exploits the organization’s tremendous offerings to give a supportive dashboard through which to get the most out of the month, Google propelled My Ramadan Companion.

The site, called My Ramadan Companion, incorporates the dusk and dawn times in your general vicinity every day, movement data, postings for the closest mosque or philanthropy Iftar, Ramadan formulas, related YouTube features, and a pack more. Notwithstanding the time information, the site likewise gathers formulas, nearby eatery postings, YouTube content and other valuable things in a card-based organization for simple searching. In addition, the site pushes its discoveries to Google Now so the data you need is only a couple swipes away on your telephone.

My Ramadan Companion

My Ramadan Companion also gives formulas and data on neighbourhood shops, alongside wellsprings of amusement, for example, amusing features and accommodating instructional exercises accessible on YouTube. The site arranges everything into cards, which adjust simply to your telephone as your PC.

Zain Kamal Masri, product marketing manager at Google Mena, said: “We know how important it is for people who celebrate Ramadan to spend time with their loved ones. We hope that ‘My Ramadan Companion’ can take care of the little things that occupy people’s daily lives like managing their day, so that they focus on the things that really matter to them.”

The advanced colleague will recommend applications that can help you capitalize on Ramadan – like reminding you to wake up for Sahur. The site is live so you can scrutinize as required through the 30-day period that finishes the night of July 17th.

Google Ramadan or “My Ramadan Companion” is an advanced centre that incorporates Google’s best innovations like YouTube, Play, Maps and Search to help Muslims praise the sacred month.

Google’s objectives with this centre is to acquire the part of social sharing & uniting amid Ramadan to individuals by offering Ramadan-particular components, for example, highlighted YouTube features, live cooking home bases with Celebrity Chefs from around the globe etc.

To make Ramadan a more get-together, Google propelled the hash tag #ShareRamadan. With this clients will likewise have the capacity to perceive how individuals around the globe are observing Ramadan by utilizing the device.

Google has dependably been a major supporter of differences through projects like Made with Code and its backing of LGBT families through full accomplice health awareness backing, and this serves as another illustration of the organization utilizing its limitless innovation, learning, and assets to incorporate everybody on the planet’s information and sharing.