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The reasons for using IP address hider Mac

When your Mac is connected to the internet it will get an IP address whether it won’t change and the device will always have the same IP address when connects to the internet (static) or changes with each new internet connection (dynamic).

In all cases you may have the reasons for hiding your IP address

Geo-blocking is the first reason for using IP address hider Mac as most of services block devices that have IP addresses from certain regions. Hiding your real IP address and getting one from another region will grant you the access to the geo-blocked service.

Bypassing barriers imposed by internet service providers to access web content at work, school or any other organization.

Bypass any bans or blacklisting of your IP address after hiding you real one and get online anonymity.

Hiding you identity from hacker and snoopers to safe your online data and encrypt your transactions to surf the web freely.

Securing your online connection against antivirus and block any dangerous may harm your device.

Ensure your online anonymity using IP address hider Mac

Hiding your IP address is as simple as pressing connect button, which automatically configures your web browser Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web browser to use a VPN connection from your private network.

Using IP address hider Mac will give you automatically new IP addresses from all over the world every few minutes to access blocked sites, encrypt you movements, ensure your online privacy, unlimited bandwidth and No restrictions over use,. Connect to different severs to get hundreds of fast IPs located in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherland, Germany, France, Singapore, India, Swedish, Russia and Ukraine.

IP address hider Mac gives you access to all servers with one account all the time with ability to select the country you wish from the country list to hide your real IP address and get the new one from the designated country.  Also you can connect to servers on more than one device at the same time using multiple protocols (L2TP/OpenVPN) compatible with all platforms, Android and IOS hand devices.

With IP address hider Mac you can enjoy with live support 24 hours 7 days a week, free trial to ensure service efficiency and availability of many payment methods to satisfy all customer needs.

IP address hider Mac