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Microsoft’s Xbox is currently the most popular console in the gaming world. It has sold over 20 million units all over the world since its introduction in 2001. The Xbox 360 is a revolutionary gaming machine that can be defined as an all-inclusive media center that allows users to play, network, rip, stream and download all types of media, including high-definition movies, music, digital pictures and game content. Therefore, just like regular computers, Xbox 360 is vulnerable to internet security threats and is predominated by online geo-restriction policies. Streaming cool US-based entertainment websites; such as: Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, HBO Go, Comedy Central, Showtime Anytime, NBA Game Time, NHL Game Center, Paramount, etc on your Xbox in Saudi Arabia is a truly spectacular experience. Accordingly, internet users from different parts of the world, especially in the Gulf countries; like Saudi Arabia, have turned to using VPN on Xbox for a few reasons: vpn on xbox dhdh

• Protection against DDoS attacks used by some players during tournaments in order to eliminate teams.

• Accessing geo-blocked content that is restricted to certain countries, like: Hulu, LoveFilm, NetFlix and game demos as well. Hence, through setting up a VPN on Xbox (even if you are located in Saudi Arabia) you can access blocked websites and gaming zones that are banned in your country.

• Expanding the player-platform for multiplayer games by appearing to originate in a country such as the US or UK where a huge number of players are available. Therefore, using a VPN on Xbox gives you a chance to broaden your online gaming horizons.

In this article we will explain how to set up a VPN on Xbox 360/Xbox One and which VPN services work best in Saudi Arabia.

Setting up VPN on Xbox 360/Xbox One

vpn on xbox how to

Setting up VPN on Xbox is no rocket science. It is extremely easy and equally efficient. Since Xbox device don’t have VPN clients, you can’t set up a VPN on them directly. There are two easy ways to indirectly enable VPN on your Xbox 360/One. Once any of the two methods is applied correctly, you will be able to bypass geo-restriction and stream any channel from anywhere in the world at any time.

♦ First method: share your computer’s VPN with your XBox 360.

♦ Second method: Centralize your VPN tunnel with a router and assemble your XBox 360 and computer to pass through it.

However, before setting up a VPN on Xbox, you need to subscribe to a VPN service provider first. The best and most efficient VPN services in Saudi Arabia to work with Xbox 360/One are Wasel Pro and iWasel.

Method 1: Sharing Your Computer’s VPN

You don’t really need a router to implement this method. All you need to do is setup a VPN on your computer, then share it with your XBox 360. You will have to use your computer to activate your VPN every time you want to use your XBox through the VPN tunnel. You can always avoid this technicality by using a router. Afterwards, take your XBox and connect it to your computer, the resulting network is your XBox VPN in effect.

For Windows 7 Users

1- Set up your VPN connection using the instructions/software from the provider.

2- Connect your computer to your router through: WiFi or cable

3- Connect your Xbox to the PC using Ethernet cable making sure that the ‘IP Settings’ and ‘DNS Settings’ are set to ‘Automatic’ (Settings -> System Settings -> Network Settings through your Xbox Menu)

4- Open ‘Network and Sharing Center’ on your computer and click on ‘Change adapter settings’

5- Go to your VPN connections, then right click and choose ‘Properties’

6- From the ‘Sharing’ tab check on ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection’ box. Then, from the drop down menu choose ‘Local Area Connection’, then click ‘Ok’.

7- Restart both PC and your Xbox. You are now ready to play safely!

For MAC Users

1- Set up your VPN connection.

2- Switch off your Xbox, then connect it to a USB port on your MAC using an Ethernet cable and adapter.

3- Open System Preferences and click on ‘Sharing’osx 1

a) Pull down the ‘Sharing your connection from’ menu and select your VPN connection.
b) In the ‘To computers using’ box, check ‘USB Ethernet’.
c) Check ‘Internet Sharing’. A pop-up box will now appear. Click ‘Start’
d) ‘Internet Sharing: On’ will turn green to show that everything is working correctly.osx 3

4- Restart both your PC and Xbox. On your Xbox look in System Setting / Network / Wi-Fi/ Test XBOX Live to make sure that you are connected.

Method 2: Set Up a VPN on Xbox using a router

Using a router to set up VPN on Xbox is for anyone who doesn’t want to install VPN software on their computer systems, but still want VPN coverage. It also works best for those who don’t want to turn to their computers every time they use VPN on their Xbox. Simply put, your VPN will remain active even when your computer is switched off.

Before starting to set you VPN on XBox, you need to first contact your VPN service provider and obtain the following information: Host Name, Domain Name, Router IP details (Local IP Address and Subnet Mask), Connection Type, DHCP enabling, Gateway, User Name and Password.

1st Step: Setting Up The Router for Xbox 360/One VPN

The moment you connect your XBox 360/One to your router,  all connections going to your modem will go through your router. Follow these simple steps:

- Take two Ethernet wires.

- Connect your computer system to your router with one (LAN ports – both).

- Connect your XBox 360 to your router with the other (LAN ports – both).

- Connect your router to your modem with a third networking cable (WAN port).

2nd Step: Software Configuration

This step is only for those who haven’t bought pre-configured VPN router from their VPN service provider. It’s highly recommended to use a DD-WRT flashed router for these settings.

1- Switch on your computer and open the ‘Control Panel’

2- If you connected all the networking cables properly, there should be a VPN Router Control Panel visible in your Control Panel. Open it.

3- Go to “Setup” and then “Basic Setup” in your VPN Router Control Panel

4- Insert the setup configurations provided to you by your VPN service provider. Also enter: Host and Domain names as well as the Local IP Address and Subnet Masks.

5- Select the suitable VPN protocol from ‘Connection Type’ and select/un-select DHCP based on your VPN provider’s instructions.

6- Enter in the Gateway and your login credentials (Your username and password), and click on “Apply Settings” and “Save”.

7- Click on the tab marked “Status” , then click on sub-tab marked ‘WAN’ and “Connect”.


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