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hide.me vpn

Hide.me is a VPN provider that is located in Malaysia and has a lot to offer for internet users looking for a secure, private and anonymous internet environment. In our review, we will dissect every element that Hide.me offers based on testing their free trial service. Scroll down for more details.


Hide.me VPN has 2 paid packages to offer, “Premium” and “Plus“. The Premium plan amounts to $9.99 per month and provides its users with unlimited bandwidth, 5 Simultaneous connections, access to all server locations, limitless data transfer and full customer support. On the other hand, the Plus package amounts to $4.99 per month and provides users with limited data transfer to 75GB, 1 simultaneous connection, full access to all server locations and full customer support. Port forwarding is not available for Plus users, though.


Payment methods

Not only regular, but also anonymous payments are accepted at Hide.me. Users can subscribe to any plan via Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, CashU, Bitcoins, etc. It is always recommended to use anonymous payments for better security and anonymity.

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Free Plan & Refund Policy

Only VPN provider that truly believe in the individual’s right to privacy and internet freedom offer free VPN services. Hide.me is among the very few VPN services that offer a free VPN plan for internet users. Unlike paid subscriptions, the free plan comes with some restrictions. It allows users to connect  to the VPN through 3 servers only. In addition, it gives users only 500MB, 2GB data transfer, 1 simultaneous connection and limited protocol support.


As for the return policy, Hide.me offers its paid customers a 14-day money-back guarantee in case they find the service unsatisfactory.


As a certified “completely log free” VPN service, Hide.me boasts a strict no logging policy. Being based in Malaysia means that Hide.me VPN is very far from the Five Eyes Alliance, which in turn provides users with a secure, private and anonymous internet environment away from prying eyes. When you go through the privacy policy page, you will find a clear statement confirming that no logs are kept.

Hide.me VPN Features

In this section, we will go through the different features provided by Hide.me VPN, such as: encryption level, servers, compatibility and support.


Hide.me relies on strong AES 256-bit encryption to support several tunneling protocols, such as: IKEv2, IKEv1, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. We recommend using OpenVPN as it is known to be the strongest and most secure encryption protocol to date. PPTP is no longer preferred as it is not very secure. L2TP/IPsec is also very good, but the VPN connection can be detected by some stern firewalls and DPI because it uses port 500. In addition to using sturdy encryption protocols, Hide.me offers SOCKS proxy.

Moreover, Hide.me VPN comes with a few impressive features to strengthen its security levels and ensure that is users are safe and secured while browsing the internet, such as:

  • *Kill switch
  • *DNS leak protection
  • *IP leak protection
  • *Fallback protocol

The company may have a fairly small network of servers (a total of 90 servers), but they are strategically placed in major important locations around the world, including: USA, Canada, UK, France, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, Germany, Norway, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Netherlands, China, Singapore, and more. In this way, web surfers will be able to bypass geo-restrictions and access any blocked web content, such as: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, Sky Sports, etc.


With an exception to Linux, all major platforms are fully supported by Hide.me VPN, including: Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. The application can be used on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. There will soon be a release for Windows phones as well.


Customer Support

There are several ways to communicate with Hide.me VPN. The company offers live chat support, e-mail ticketing system, an extensive blog and a very thorough HelpCentre for self-assistance.

Final Verdict

Hide.me is a VPN that has earned our respect and admiration. Their persistence to offer a secure, anonymous and highly private internet environment is impressive. It is very clear that they are keen on a customer’s experience through the variety of features, payment methods and support options. We would hope that they would expand their server network to include more servers in more locations.