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On April 13th, Google announced a series of updates to its Cloud Networking Platform to continue providing its customers with better performance, more security and reliability. These updates include: Cloud DNSCloud VPN and eleven additional Carrier Interconnect Providers.

Google’s protruding updates are directed at reaching two main goals. The first is to leverage its global network and use serve users closer they are located with Google’s global network footprint. In this way, Google can ensure low latencies and improve responsiveness. The second goal, on the other hand, is related to connecting on-premises infrastructure with Google’s network with enterprise-grade encryption to allow the enterprise to run mission critical workloads. Morgan Dollard, product management head for Google Cloud Networking said in a blog post:

” We have four announcements today in support of two major technical goals. The first is to use Google’s global network footprint – over 70 points of presence across 33 countries – to serve users close to where they are, ensuring the same low latency and responsiveness customers can expect from Google’s own services. The second goal relates to enabling enterprises to run mission-critical workloads by connecting their on-premises infrastructure to Google’s network with enterprise-grade encryption.”

Google Cloud Networking is already expanding to 12 presence points around the world in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Miami, London, Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Madrid and Lisbon.

Cloud Networking Updates:

Cloud DNS

Cloud DNS is a trustworthy and low-latency DNS service developed by Google and is operated by Google’s worldwide network of Anycast DNS servers. It was developed as a solution for user-facing applications and services. Cloud DNS enables users to to host millions of zones and records and handles SLA-backed name-serving queries. Furthermore, Cloud DNS is available for everyone and starts at $.40/million queries.

“The charge is per zone per month (regardless of whether you use your zone), and you also pay for queries against your zones,” Google stated.

Beta Cloud VPN

Google Cloud VPN is available in beta version and is still under development. Google engineered this VPN service to enable users to surf the web securely on public Wi-Fi networks and to enable them to access blocked content in their countries.

Carrier Interconnect Providers

Among Google’s staggering updates is the addition of 11 Carrier Interconnect Providers to expand out to customer locations around the world. These new partners include: 1Cloudstar, Colt, CyrusOne, EUnetwroks, Global Capacity, Global Cloud Exhange, International Internet Exchange, InterCloud, Masergy, Megaport, and PCCW Global.Global.


These announcements suggest that Google is indeed anxious about providing its customers with top quality services and make a visible stand in the tech market by manufacturing top-quality networking infrastructure to applications running on its platform. Such impressive updates weren’t possible to achieve a few years ago, but now Google is treading carefully into the cloud world knowing that its services will undeniably appeal to the populace and be available on many apps hosted in the cloud.