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Any device that connects to the Internet is assigned an IP address, not only computers but also IOS and Android operating system devices. As our usage of mobiles and tablets for accessing the internet became more than using computers. We became in need for free internet access, high connection speed, privacy and security on our IOS devices.

There are many reasons why a user might want to know how to change IP address on iPhone:

As the default internet settings for iPhone and all IOS devices will not provide you with security against hackers and spy eyes. Your IP address will be traceable while surfing the internet. Most of internet users concern to know how to change IP address on iPhone to an anonymous IP address using a proxy or a VPN.

How to change IP address on iPhone using Proxies?

Using Proxy to follow how to change IP address on iPhone acts in the same way for changing IP on computer, it works as an intermediary link between your iPhone and the network.

Using proxy will enable you to hide the IP address of your traffic and substitutes it with new IP of proxy servers that make you invisible while surfing the web and can’t be traceable by spy eyes.

How to change IP address on iPhone using VPN?

VPNs assign you an anonymous IP address as long as you’re connected to the network to get free browsing, bypass all blocked internet content and be able to access sites that block proxies.

Also, after knowing how to change IP address on iPhone using VPN, your internet connection will be encrypted using SSL encryption, provides high security and fast connection.

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1. Using VPN provides you with easy to install apps for all IOS devices not only L2TP connection.

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4.  L2TP, OpenVPN, VPN over SSH.

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7. Bypass internet service provider’s restrictions from schools, offices and hotels.

8.  Hide your IP address to surf the web anonymously and protect your online privacy.

9.  Provides stable, reliable and fast performance of VPN connection

10.  Compatible with all operating systems Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS devices.

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