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Skype users in Egypt are currently unable to make Skype calls. They are able to use Skype chat service, but they fail communicate using the application’s calling service due to recent internet censorship regulations on VoIP services. Egyptian internet service providers and telecoms, such as: Vodafone, Orange and TE Data have been meddling with any access to calling services within VoIP apps, such as: Skype, What’sapp, Facetime, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc., through DPI techniques. This approach took effect as part of the country’s recently immobilised emergency laws after the terrorist attacks that took play on Palm Sunday, last April.

On the other hand, netizens in Egypt can get access to VoIP calling services, especially Skype calls by using VPNs. Unlike countries that practice outrageous forms of internet censorship, like China, Iran and Russia; Egypt mildly reinforces weaker forms of censorship that can be easily bypassed by using a VPN.

Best VPNs for Skype Calls in Egypt

In this section, we have selected the best VPN services for seamlessly making Skype calls in Egypt without interruptions. Scroll down for more details.

1- VyprVPN

vyprvpn (1)

Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is one of the top-rated VPN services in the market today. VyprVPN is one of the best VPN services for VoIP apps, such as: Skype, in Egypt for several reasons. First of all, VyprVPN manages its own massive, global network infrastructure to provide rocket internet speeds that are perfect for making Skype calls without any interruptions. There are over 700 servers spread across more than 70 location which gives Egyptian users more than one option to connect to the closest and fastest server for better communication. Secondly, VyprVPN does not throttle or limit bandwidth, data transfer or server switching. This means that Egyptian users will get to enjoy making Skype calls for as long as they want without any restrictions. Thirdly, VyprVPN is packed with various stern security features, such as: kill switch and DNS leak protection to ensure that data traffic is encrypted at all times especially when a user is connected to public WiFi networks. Fourthly, the client software is compatible with major platforms, including: Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.

*Global network of servers (700+servers in 70+locations)*No ad-block
*200,000+ global IP addresses*Mixed results on speed tests
*Unlimited bandwidth*30-day money-back guarantee is not available for all paid subscriptions.
*Unlimited server switching
*Unlimited data transfer
*Blazing fast unthrottled speeds
*Free trial
*DNS Leak Protection
*Zero-knowledge DNS service
*No 3rd parties
*Manage their own server network infrastructure
*Multiple tunneling protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, Chameleon).
*Strong 128, 256-bit encryption
*NAT Firewall
*Chameleon tunnel (scrambles metadata to avoid DPI)
*Special business packages
*Kill switch
*Cypher service (encrypted messaging software)
*30-day money-back guarantee  on some subscription plans

2- bVPN


Located in the Netherlands, bVPN is another spectacular VPN service especially for netizens in the MENA region, including Egypt. bVPN has rapidly grown to become one of the most secure and most reliable VPN services due to their never-ending efforts to stay up-to-date with the most recent internet changes and demands. We have personally tested the stability and connection speed by making long distance Skype calls on different servers and we were impressed. First of all, bVPN provides unlimited bandwidth and data transfer without throttling which was very notable during our Skype calls. Moreover, bVPN supports cross-platform compatibility and it is the only VPN service to provide built-in OpenVPN client for iOS, this means that iOS users in Egypt will not need to download and configure OpenVPN client from an external source. In addition, bVPN comes with a built-in DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection and a kill switch which makes it impossible for data traffic to be exposed or leaked out on the internet. Furthermore, bVPN is known for its strong encryption protocols, notably the Smoke Tunnel, that in fact boost internet connection speed. In this way, Egyptian users will be able to get faster connections while making Skype calls.

*Based in the Netherlands*Limited number of servers
*No logging policy
*Unlimited bandwidth
*Unlimited server switching
*Kill switch
*IPv6 protection
*DNS leak protection
*Strong encryption
*Strong tunneling protocols (L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSH, Smoke)
*Smoke Tunnel
*Built-in OpenVPN for iOS
*Cross-platform support
*6 Simultaneous connections
*P2P/torrenting is permitted
*User-friendly client
*Global network of servers
*Fast speed
*Cheap price plans & discounts
*Free trial
*Money-back guarantee
*24/7 live chat support

3- ExpressVPN


Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the biggest names in the VPN industry if you are looking for a VPN to make Skype calls in Egypt. ExpressVPN boasts a huge global network of servers, more 700 servers in 94 countries. Moreover, ExpressVPN is well-known for its fast and stable connection speeds which is excellent for making Skype calls in Egypt. The service also feature a smart DNS to prevent DNS leaks and cloak your traffic within the VPN connection at all times.



* 700+ servers in 94 countries* Expensive
* Fast Speed* No kill switch
* 256-bit AES encryption for multiple protocols ( OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and PPTP)* Partially keeps logs
* Torrentling & P2P sharing* No ad-block
* 3 simultaneous connections* Limited configurations
* Stealth servers
* Unlimited bandwidth
* Smart DNS
* 30-day money-back guarantee
* Onion Tor web address
* Multi-platform compatibility
* 24/7 Live chat support
* User-friendly clients