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Are you fed up with ads and pop-ups all over the internet? What if I told you that you can clean up the ads and browse the internet completely ad free? There are zillions of ad blockers on the internet, but we have chosen the best 8 ad blockers in 2015.

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The Best Ad Blockers in 2015

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Internet users are vulnerable to security risks because of online advertising. Third-party banner ads, for instance, threaten a website’s security. Moreover, Ads usually rely on heavy graphics, which slows down the loading speed of web pages. Now is the time for you to start living in an ad free world! There are tons of advertising companies out there now, and you’d be surprised at how many are actually tracking your web usage. But you can stop them with these awesome ad blockers.

uBlock Origin

One of the best ad blockers in 2015 is uBlock Origin. uBlock Origin is a free, open source application that has proven to be very reliable when it comes to blocking internet ads. Although uBlock Origin blocks Google Analytics by default, which causes glitches to many websites, it has now been updated and stocked with add-ons and toggles for users to be able to disable blocking for specific websites. The uBlock Origin add-on is ideal for blocking ads in any web browser and we highly recommend it for average internet users. Advanced users, on the other hands, can use uMatrix; or can use both add-ons at the same time.


uBlock is another version of uBlock Origin, but isn’t always up to date and is missing an “advanced mode” through which you can easily enable/disable dynamic filtering. However, “advanced mode” is available on Firefox, Chrome and Safari (which isn’t the case with uBlock Origin).


Internet wizards love the uMatrix. uMatrix is a firewall that is specifically developed for advanced internet users since it features “block-all/allow-exceptionally” mode which if not used properly by the user, will cause many websites to break.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a fancy version of the regular Adblock that includes the “Acceptable Ads Whitelist”. Adblock has a solid reputation among ad blockers in the software market.


Disconnect is part of the Abine Blur package of apps. Blur apps are perfect for masking your identity on the internet. However, their Disconnect add-on might not be as nifty as their identity masking apps or superior to uBlock Origin, for example. What you can do is use uBlock Origin together with Disconnect and get a lethal ad cleaner.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger was released last year by the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF). Privacy Badger “doesn’t come with a singular list of sites to block, but instead blocks domains that are seen across many domains.” It is a decent ad blocker, but not all that impressive.


Ghostery is a proprietary add-on has been largely replaced by uBlock Origin. It also sends data back to the developer, which is worrying from a privacy standpoint.”