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Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is one of the UK’s most popular radio stations that was originally launched back in 1993. Back then it launched as Virgin Radio. It was not until 2008 when its name changed from the previous Virgin Radio to the currently known Absolute Radio. In 1996 the official website and online streaming service of Absolute Radio was launched making it the first European radio channel to have a 24/7 online streaming service. Today, Absolute Radio has become one of the most popular online radio streaming services in the UK, Europe, and all over the world. Unfortunately there is a slight obstacle to enjoying this service. Absolute Radio is geo-blocked to the UK which means it can only be accessed by those users residing within the UK. When trying to access it from outside of the UK the below error will appear.

Absolute Radio Blocked


This was an issue for UK citizens residing outside of the UK and all the fans of Absolute Radio who are living anywhere in the world except in the UK. It was a problem until the introduction of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs. This technology boosted online freedom all over the world for all internet users. In this tutorial we will be going through a step-by-step tutorial on how we can use a VPN service to bypass the geo-restriction placed by Absolute Radio and access it from outside of the UK.


In this tutorial we will be using bVPN as our VPN service provider. bVPN is a Netherlands based VPN provider that was started operating in 2014. Today it is considered one of the most secure names among its competitors. It has provided its users with the most advanced technology in the field of bypassing online restrictions, whether they are geo-restrictions like that of Absolute Radio or nation wide online restrictions like those in China and Russia.



Any other VPN provider of your preference would also work as long as it meets the following points:


1- You must be fully subscribed to a VPN service


2- The VPN must have at least 1 server located within the UK


3- The VPN service must provide the highest connections speeds possible (optimized for streaming or have anti-throttling features)


Accessing Absolute Radio using bVPN


1- If your browser is open to the Absolute Radio website, close it


2- Open the bVPN application


3- In the top of the application window click on “Log In


4- Enter your VPN credentials and click on “Log In


5- In the top of the application window click on “Connect


6- Click on the “Location” icon in the main page to open the list of servers available


7- From the list of servers on the right, scroll down and choose any of the servers within the UK


8- Click on “Connect


9- Once the connection is established, minimize the application


10- Open your browser and go to the Absolute Radio website (


11- Click on “Listen Live” and either sign in to your account or create a new account and enjoy endless music with Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio Unblocked

Note: These steps may vary slightly between different VPN providers and if you find any trouble with the steps within the VPN application of a different provider, you can contact their customer support.