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Google Chrome is probably THE most popular and leading browser on the internet. It not only only provides its users an easy way to surf the web, but it also hosts a ton of useful tools to enjoy surfing the web. In this article, we will explore the 5 most essential extensions to make the best out of Chrome.

1- Mercury Reader

Android users may have the luxury to enjoy reading articles online without the nuisance of ads and many other unfavourable page elements since Chrome for Android comes with an integrated reading mode to provide a comfortable browsing. However, desktop users still suffer from unwanted ads, pop-ups and other distracting elements while reading their favourite articles using Google Chrome. Fortunately, for this reason, an extension such as Mercury Reader can be extremely helpful to get rid of any distracting page elements and annoying ads to only display a clear text for a better user experience.

Upon installing Mercury Reader on your Chrome browser, you will notice a rocket icon next to your address bar in which you can click on to activate reading mode. Mercury Reader for Chrome also allows you to make changes to font size and themes for the text to enhance your reading experience and give you the best and most comfortable page viewing possible.

2- Pocket

Say goodbye to your messy bookmarks and save them in your Pocket. Pocket is a very popular Chrome extension that has taken Google by a storm. Not only does the extension help Chrome users bookmark their favourite URLs and view them even when they are offline, but it also enables you to save your bookmarks on a cloud. In addition, Pocket shows you trending articles and recommendations.

3- Adblock

This is one of the most powerful and commonly used Chrome extension with more than 200 million downloads. Adblock helps users to get rid of all unwanted ads and pop-ups while browsing the internet, including those found on Youtube and Facebook as well as everywhere else on the web. The extension works by default to block unwanted ads, but it also gives you the option to add websites to a whitelist.

4- LastPass

If you have a memory like a goldfish, then LastPass is your guy. It is extremely frustrating if you forget the password you set for any website and causes a lot of hassle trying to recover it. It is also unsafe to set lame passwords like “1234…” or your personal detailed, like your birth date because these passwords are very easy to crack and your accounts can be easily compromised by cyber criminals. That is why LastPass gives you the option to create strong passwords. When you use LastPass to create your password, you will be offered to have your password generated by the extension. It can automatically generate long and complex passwords of 12 digits long containing capital and small letters.

In addition, you have the option to save your websites that you regularly log into in a list which you can later open from a menu to click and login in a heartbeat. Your passwords can also be synchronised on cloud so that you access them from any device, including: iOS and Android devices.

5- Click&Clean

Not only do your passwords need protection, but your data online need optimal protection as well from attackers and cyber criminals. Click&Clean is a free Chrome extension that helps you protect your data and your online activities from being being tracked, hacked or monitored by third parties. It is one the best rated extensions on Chrome as it also cleans and gets rid of all unwanted cache and cookies.


The evolution of browsers, especially Google Chrome, will never cease to impress. Browsers have now become tools to control how users surf the web, instead of just visiting pages. That is why it is important to explore the full potential of the browser you are using to be able to enjoy the best experience on the web secure your activities online.